The Bluest Eye
The Bluest Eye
The Bluest Eye
The Bluest Eye
The Bluest Eye
The Bluest Eye
The Bluest Eye
The Bluest Eye
The Bluest Eye
The Bluest Eye
The Bluest Eye

A dynamic scenography for the play based on projected images, adding a narrative layer in support of the theatre performance. The anamorphic projection system developed by Ketai LLC allows to dynamically project non-distorted (moving) images on complex physical surfaces and models.

The Bluest Eye, directed by Derrick Sanders*

  • Projection Design: Daniel Sauter
  • Projector Operator: Jesus Duran
  • Lighting Designer: Jamie Scheid*
  • Costume Designer: Meredith Maresh
  • Set Designer: Carl Ulaszek*
  • Sound Designer: Bobby Campbell
  • Choreography and Movement: Sharon Danielle Göpfert*
  • Vocal Coach: Jason Martin*
  • Stage Manager: Amanda Hanston
  • Made possible through the support of AV Chicago
  • *Department of Theatre and Music Faculty/Staff



  • Pecola: Chiagoziem Nwakanma
  • Claudia: Ciera Angelia
  • Frieda: Jazzlyn Luckett
  • Maureen Peal: Evangeline Courter
  • Mama: Tiffany Fulson
  • Daddy: Warren Baskin III
  • Mrs. Breedlove: Ishah Houston
  • Cholly: AJ Valentine
  • Soaphead Church: Daniel Kyri
  • Darlene: Enid Muñoz
  • Girl: Simona Curkoska



  • Warren Baskin
  • Bobby Campbell
  • Evangeline Courter
  • Simona Curkoska
  • Aislinn Eng
  • Tiffany Fulson
  • Gregory Madden
  • Anjelica Masson
  • Enid Muñoz
  • Benjamin Ponce
  • Destiny Strothers
  • Emily Woods
  • Zak Zajac



  • Claudia: Evy Courter
  • Pecola: Destiny Strothers
  • Maureen Peal: Aislinn Eng
  • Mrs. Breedlove: Tiffany Fulson
  • Daddy: Gregory Madden
  • Soaphead Church: David Dowd
  • Darlene: Anjelica Masson


Message From the Director

  • I would like to extend a sincere thank you to these individuals, without you this work would not have been possible:
  • AV Chicago
  • Johari Jabirbr / Lori Baptista
  • Thank you,
  • Derrick Sanders


Production Staff

  • Assistant Directors: Ashley Banks and Elliot Baker
  • Assistant Stage Managers: Katie Norton and Sarah Steward
  • House Technical Director: Carl Ulaszek
  • Assistant Technical Director/Assistant Set Designer: Jamie Scheid
  • Prop Master: Dina Klahn
  • Master Electrician: John Van Ort and Tanous El-Kareh
  • Scene Shop Crew: Ashley Banks, Nick Barelli, Christian Capet, Rachel Ehrenberg, Christian Fernando, Kotryna Hilko, Dana Muelchi, William Peterson, Erika Salgado, Mikey Saubert, Paul Vaccaro, Emily Woods, Chelsea Foss-Ralston
  • Costume Shop Manager/Costume Design Advisor: Jane Bagnall
  • Milliner: Hannah Bledstein
  • Costume Construction: Sarah Steward, Meredith Maresh, Taylor Murphy, Briette Gomez, Samantha Charles,
    Priya Doshi, Collin Davis, Aislinn Eng
  • Costume Running Crew: Taylor Murphy, Carly Carano, Ladarius Martin, Samantha Charles, Samantha Gusman, Dianne Chung
  • Projector Operator: Jesus Duran
  • Light Board Operator: John Van Ort
  • Light Hang Crew: Ashley Banks, Chelsea Foss-Ralston, Neil Fontano, William Peterson
  • Sound Board Operator: Mikey Saubert
  • Fly Operator: Benjamin Ponce
  • House Manager: Kotryna Hilko
  • Coordinator Theatre Operations: Neal McCollam
  • Box Office Manager: Brittney Lutz
  • Box Office Crew: Priya Doshi, Brandon Rodriquez, Janki Sevak, Benjamin Ponce

The Bluest Eye

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